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Brown Widow Invasion

Last night I was pulling some dry grass willow fronds out of a willow bush when I noticed a spider at the bottom. It was was a big brown lazy spider. Not very aggressive, just slowly crawling around. Upon further inspection, I noticed the Red Hourglass. Holy Moly, I have Brown Widows living in a willow bush out front. I checked this morning and found another one in there. The webbing was kind of bunched up, like a spread out cotton ball. Weird.

I had found other Brown Widows in the back yard under some plastic shelving, in protected pockets of the molding, but in bushes, that’s just crazyness. Anyway, I looked in the plastic shelving and found 3 more Brownies. I killed two of them, they are extra juicy, and pop most marvelously.

Below are pictures of one that I have tamed, I call her Merle. She’s into collecting beanie babies, scrap booking and eating bugs.





Here’s some interesting links about the Brown Widow:

Hang Five!

This morning I went logging on my noserider and got a legit Hang-Five on a small glassy left. Man, it was so cool, that’s a memory that will stick for as long as I live. Now I’ve got to Hang Ten, for sure.

Later today, while I was working, a guy on a skateboard got hit by a truck. He’s ok, I think. I didn’t see the incident. Nothing broken, but a lot of road rash. It’s scary, it could happen to anyone, especially me. I’m always skating in the street. I hope the guy is OK.

That’s why I try and go against traffic whenever possible. It’s one way to avoid a sneak attack from behind. A little something my pops taught me as a kid. So remember, as long as you think the cars won’t see you, the better off you are. Gotta be on the D-E-F-E-N-C-E.

I don’t know what riding a longboard and getting hit by a car on a skateboard have in common, I guess just board riding in general. It’s two sides to the same coin, beauty and the beast.


Last night turned out to be an interesting Hollow’s Eve. We were informed that we would have plenty of trick o’ treaters, which makes sense, being that we live in a neighborhood with a lot of foot traffic.

A week ago we bought 3 large 3 pound bags for candy, lots of chocolate goodies like Butterfingers, Baby Ruth, Kit Kat, Reese’s Pieces, and all that jazz. But the day of Holloween it hit us like a ton of bricks….. kids like hard candy too, like Nerds and Jolly Ranchers. So we rode bikes to the local Rite-Aid and bought 2 more bags, a 3 pound and a 5 pound of candy, a mix of hard candy and chocolate candy.

Well, we were dead wrong. We only had about 18 people, 19 if you count our first trick o treater, a homeless guy who claimed he was from Russia. Yes, I gave him candy anyway, in fear of being completely skunked on not having ANY trick o’ treaters.

But it’s not the quantity of trick o’ treaters you count, it’s the quality. We had plenty of cute as a button kids, many just weren’t really wearing costumes. That Hannah Montana shirt does NOT count. I know you wear that to school.

One 15 year old boy was kind of dressed like a wizard, but with the Grim Reapers scythe, a new hybrid of ghoul. His mother informed us that we should keep our gate open in order to get more kids, this insight turned out to be priceless.

After keeping the gates open, the kids arrived by the handfull. Well, by the handfull with half-hour lulls in between, but still…. it helped out A LOT.

One group included a group of girls both dressed like Jasmine from Aladdin, and a mother carrying a really cute baby dressed as a teddy bear. It was all fun and rosy filling the girls bags with candy until the mother twisted her back toward me to insist that I fill here purse with a handful of candy for the baby teddy bear. I was taken back a bit and actually asked, “Really?” She nodded yes. Not one to be a stingy with 25 pounds of candy, I gave her and her baby a heaping handfull of candy, plus a gleaming Heath bar. Trick or Treat! I had been duped.

Later in the night, a family spanning 3 generation was at my door. 4 super cute little girls and 2 scary monster masked boys, accompanied by one mother and a grandmother. I happily showered candy into their Holloween bags and pails, it was a ghoulish feast, indeed. Suddenly, Grandma came front center with her arms crossed and insisted I fill her dark grey fleece jacket pocket with candy. She wasn’t wearing a costume, and would not even offer open hands for candy. At this point, I was beaten down by the absurdities of the night, I had seen too much. I filled her fuzzy pocket in disgust.

Trick or Treat!

Bodysurfing Handplane

I’ve been having a blast on this handplane I recently made. You can keep your line high on the wave and really get a nice ride out of it.

I can get a lot longer ride, than just body surfing regular, it’s great. In critical moments, I’ve learned to pull the plane into the face of wave.

The dimensions on this board are 13″ x 9″ x 1″

It’s made of 1″  plywood I had laying around my house. Water proofed with Varethane, a urethane weather sealer for outdoor wood flooring.