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Hang Five!

This morning I went logging on my noserider and got a legit Hang-Five on a small glassy left. Man, it was so cool, that’s a memory that will stick for as long as I live. Now I’ve got to Hang Ten, for sure.

Later today, while I was working, a guy on a skateboard got hit by a truck. He’s ok, I think. I didn’t see the incident. Nothing broken, but a lot of road rash. It’s scary, it could happen to anyone, especially me. I’m always skating in the street. I hope the guy is OK.

That’s why I try and go against traffic whenever possible. It’s one way to avoid a sneak attack from behind. A little something my pops taught me as a kid. So remember, as long as you think the cars won’t see you, the better off you are. Gotta be on the D-E-F-E-N-C-E.

I don’t know what riding a longboard and getting hit by a car on a skateboard have in common, I guess just board riding in general. It’s two sides to the same coin, beauty and the beast.