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Orb Weaver Spider at Dusk

This orb weaver spider has a large web set up between an orange tree and another tree in my back yard. I found him sleeping in an a leaf on the orange tree yesterday afternoon, and decided to take some pictures of him at dusk when he wakes up and tends his web.


War against the ants.

It’s on. I’ve been researching how much of an invasive pest the Argentine Ants are. They are the reason I have mealybugs and scale bugs on my agave plants and Orange tree. They actually protect these insects so they can eat their “honeydew”. Nasty.

So I’ve invested in some Boric Acid and have taken to making my own relatively safe, organic pesticide. I got the Boric Acid at Ace Hardware in powder form, if you are interested.

This is probably my most boring post yet. Profane comments, please.