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Wesley Willis – I miss you, dearly.

In Las Vegas, around 1999 – 2000, at the Sound Barrier record store / punk sanctuary I had been privy to see Wesley Willis perform on his Casio keyboard. Needless to say, he rocked it like a magic kiss. He rocked it like a hurricane.

He had his giant binder full of songs, which he let me look through after his set, really funny and amazing songs in there, so cool he let me look through it, too.

During his set, which was almost all new songs, I grabbed a flyer and a pen and wrote down the more amazing / funny titles. I wish I wrote down the whole set, but it’s too late for that now.

Here they are:

  • War Hellride
  • Suck Peanuts off a white man’s dick
  • Funnier than Peanut Butter on a Yellow Ball
  • Joy Ride
  • Beefallo
  • Armaghetto
  • Michael Jackson – which is a classic and was requested by a fan, Wesley finally gave in, after a prolonged cursing about Mr. Jackson.


Vuvuzela – the World Cup South Africa crazy horn !!!

Blow it when you are watching FIFA’s World Cup.

  • A very loud stadium horn.
  • It’s kind of sounds like an elephant.
  • Use by blowing into small mouthpiece and makes very loud noise.
  • It could drives your neighbors nuts!
  • It could drives your wife nuts!
  • It could makes your kids happy!
  • It could makes all of you exciting.

* Words taken from an ebay post description from a Hong Kong seller.

WFMU is one fun independent station!

I always try and check out this station while I am waiting around. I can stream station on my iPhone, and drain my battery. Anyways, every time I tune into WFMU, it’s always something different and always RAD! This time is was the Three Chord Monte show with Joe Belock, a nice mixture of old garage rock and surf. Where else can you hear the Trashmen for crying out loud. Check out WFMU. Stream live or dig into their archives on your computer, you won’t be disappointed.