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Alaia surfing sticks

I just built these two alaias recently. Inspired by Tom Wegenger. The first one I made was the 5′ out of an old oak and pine laminate desk top a friend had found. The 7′ alaia is made out of marine grade plywood. Both alaias finished with boiled linseed oil.

The 5′ alaia is too small for me to surf, but it’s really fast to ride prone with fins, and is possible to kneeboard too. I can’t wait to take the 7′ one out on a good day with nice peeling waves. It’s been mostly windswell lately, with nasty closeout beachbreaks. I took the 7′ alaia out in a lumpy beachbreak swell and stood up for a few fun short fast rides. I can’t wait to take it out in smoother clean peeling waves! Both boards are 3/4″ thick, with roughly 1/4″ rails. The 5′ is 17″ wide and weighs 8 pounds. The 7′ is 16 1/4″ wide. It probably weighs around 12 – 14 pounds. It weighs 17 pounds! We’re talking old school. Ancient Hawaiian Surfrider Old School.



Click here to see more images of these boards.

I came across this website last night and thought I should share it. has a lot of great solo musicians and independent bands.

The premise of the website is, a crew of volunteer videographers and audio recorders tape these artists on location, edit, then post the performances on their website. This gives the artists a broad exposure, as well as allows the viewer to sample a broad range of talent.

Check it out, there are many diverse styles of music on this sitee. I really like Honycomb, Treesus and Ricky Rodriguez. I haven’t checked them all out, yet. Enjoy.